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Meanwhile, while Ryuko was asleep, her classmates were still awake in their cells. Monokuma and Monomi were locking up the place, while Junko was getting ready for bed and checking security. "Oh my darling, Ryuko, look at you sleep." Just like a child. "You truly act like someone I know, it's weird, but I can't help but love this." Junko then giggled a bit, and went to sleep.

Back at the first dorms. "Sakura, I can't sleep." said Aoi. "You're probably too excited, it's been a long time since you got this happy." said Sakura. "Yeah, I can't wait to have fun with Ryuko!" said Aoi. "Indeed, but remember you'll have to wait." said Celes. "Ah ... Yeah ... it'll take a while before it's my turn." said Aoi looking disappointed, "So ... Hiro, how do you feel bud ... being first?" asked Leon. "It's alright man, I get to be relaxed for once in my life since I've been here." said Hagakure. "Um..." said Chihiro. "You're still worrying about her, Chi?" asked Mondo. "Yeah, I keep on feeling that Junko's going to do something bad to her." Chihiro exclaimed. "She's tough, remember that." said Mondo. "Yeah, but weren't you tough as well?" asked Naegi. "What?!" asked Mondo angrily. "Mondo, calm down, please remember that Naegi can't help it anymore." said Kirigiri. "He's a lost cause." said Syo. "No, he's not! He just gave up ... that's all." said Maizono. "Let'sss jussst all get sssome sssleep, everyone." said Togami. Everyone agreed and went off to sleep. 

At the second dorms. "So ... any thoughts about Ryuko before going to bed, anyone?" asked Twogami. "She's beautiful!" said Teruteru's tongue. "We didn't ask you." said Souda. "She's in my way." thought Tsumiki seemingly mad. "She's tough in her own way." said Sonia. "I agree, my princess." said Gundam. "She's nice." said Hiyoko. "She's kinda cute"  thought Kuzuryuu, as he started blushing "But I'm too old for her", "She's a fun addition to this place." said Komaeda. "If that's all that everyone has to say, then let's go to sleep." said Twogami. "Goodnight, everybody." said Chiaki.

Meanwhile, a noise was coming from the trash room. A girl was climbing up the ladder, and exiting the room. "It's good to be back, I better check on everyone." thought the mysterious girl. She carefully sneak into the dorms, and heard some talking in the first dorms. "I agreed with Togami, let's get some sleep...I'm certain that Ryuko is probably asleep also." said Ishimaru. "Hmmm, so she finally came... took her long enough. "Said the girl then went inside to the second dorms.

"Kayo!" said everyone surprised that the girl finally came back. "Hello everyone, it's nice to see you again." said Kayo flashing a smile, "Hey, Kayo, there's a new kid here!" said Akane, "I heard about that..." said Kayo, "Have you seen her yet?" asked Sonia, "No, but I do know her." said Kayo, "Is she the girl you been talking about?" asked Twogami, "Yes." said Kayo, Kayo had arrived in front of Komaeda's, and Hinata's cells. "Hi, Kayo!" said Komaeda, "Hello again, Nagito." said Kayo, "Hey, Kayo." said Hinata, "Hi, Hinata." said Kayo, "We missed you... someone named Ryuko is here, she seems nice." said Komaeda, "I heard about it, and I got some news." said Kayo. "What is it?" asked Hinata. "It seems that the others will be allowed to come out, and somehow Ryuko is responsible for this." said Kayo, "If you like, I can check back on her and Junko's conversation." said Chiaki, "Yes, please." said Kayo filled with curiosity, Kayo watched on Chiaki's monitors on the conversation that Junko and Ryuko were having outside in the school's backyard. "I see now, how nice of her to do this." said Kayo, "I'm assuming that she'll probably get Souda in the daytime." said Chiaki, "Me, why me?" asked Souda , "You were the first person to be caught." said Kayo, "Oh, yeah." said Souda, "So, are you going to meet her?" asked Hiyoko questioning Kayo, "Not yet, it's late." said Kayo, "Are you going to your room?" asked Komaeda, "No, I'll sleep here with you until morning." said Kayo, "You must've been busy." said Hinata, Kayo nodded her head in agreement, and unlocked Komaeda's cell with a key. She closed the cell, and got beside Komaeda. "I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep ... Goodnight, Komaeda." said Kayo, "Of course ... Goodnight, Kayo." said Komaeda putting the blanket on Kayo and wrapping his body around her.

The next morning, the Monobear alarm clock woke me up again. "I'm up, already." I turned off the alarm, and got ready for the day. Today is the first day of the deal I made with Junko, to allow one person from each class to come out of their cell, and enjoy some freedom. Oh, shoot, I forgot to tell the other class about the deal! "Hey, everyone!" "Good morning, Ryuko!" said Ishimaru. "You look a bit worried, did something happened?" asked Celes, "I forgot to tell the other guys about the plan." "You can probably surprise them." suggested Aoi. "They're going to kill you, Ryuko." said Syo, "Okay, maybe not, but they are more dangerous than you guys." "Then it's best if you go tell them... before something happens." said Sakura. "Yeah, I'll be back you guys." "Be careful!" said Maizono. 

I went to the second dorms, and opened the door. "Good morning, everyone!" "Oh, good morning, Ryuko." said Sonia. "Huh? what's wrong? I thought that you guys would be glad to see me?" "They're more happy to have me here, instead." said a voice. Wait, I know that voice. A girl with long black hair, golden eyes, wearing a gray dress with a white shirt underneath approached me. "Good morning, Kayo!" said Sonia. "Kayo." "It's been a long time, Ryuko." said Kayo. "How...did you get here?" "No questions, I need to take a shower." said Kayo leaving the dorms. "When did she come?" "So, you do know her." said Twogami. "Answer my question." "She arrived last night, around the middle of the night." said Peko. "And then she slept in here with me." said Komaeda. "Wait, how?" "She has the keys to our cells." said Hinata. "We're her favoritesss." said Tsumiki. "I'll come back later." "Bye, Ryuko." said Souda. 

I can't believe that Kayo was back, I remember she said that she was going to see what's up with the Monokuma kids, but I didn't know she came here. I decided to check and see if my classmates knew her. "Hey, Ryuko, how it go?" asked Aoi. "I need to ask you guys an important question." "What is it?" asked Chihiro. "Do you guys know someone named Kayo?" "Not really, but we heard that she sometimes come here." said Kirigirl. Mukuro then started writing a lot on her board. "Mukuro, you know her?" She nodded and wrote down, "She's kind of an assistant here, but her attention is only to the other class, she hardly comes here. She also has keys to the place, so she can come as she pleases." "I see, but why?" "You're going to have to ask Junko, maybe she knows." said Kirigirl. "Alright, I'll go see her."

I left the dorms and went over to Junko's office. "Good morning, darling." said Junko. "You know what I'm here for." "The deal right, I'm certain that you're taking Souda, this morning?" asked Junko. "That's not it." "Oh, you mean her." said Junko. "Kayo." "Yeah, her, what about her?" asked Junko. "You seem like you don't like her." "I don't, she's the most emotionless person I ever met, and believe me, some of them are here!" said Junko. "Then, why did you let her here?" "Cause she's got good qualities to be here." said Junko. "I see." "Just go ask her yourself." said Junko. "I will." Man, at least I finally found someone that gets on Junko's nerves.

I left from Junko's office, and started looking around for Kayo. I decided to go to the nurse's office to ask Monomi if she seen Kayo. "Hey, Monomi, I was wondering if you seen Kayo around here?" "Oh, no, but it seems that she been here herself, seeing that one of my first aid kits is missing." said Monomi. "Alright, thanks." I then spotted Monokuma walking through the halls. "Hey, Monokuma, I got a question for you!" "There's no need to shout, I'm right here." said Monokuma. "You know where Kayo's at?" "Upupupup, no, but she did go by here, she wouldn't even said hello, how mean of her." said Monokuma. There is no help anywhere. I continued to walk toward back to the dorms, thinking. Why is it so hard to find you, Kayo? Wait, I almost forgot there's security here. I ran toward the second dorms, to Chiaki's cell.

Meanwhile, Kayo was in her room getting dressed. I wonder how long it will take her to find me. She probably forgotten, that I said I needed a shower. Kayo had finished getting dressed and left to go to the second dorms. My guess is that she's probably asking Chiaki where I'm at. This day is starting to not be boring, but again it could be. Kayo arrived at the dorms, and opened the door. In front of her was Ryuko with her arms crossed. "We need to talk." said Ryuko. "Fine, let's talk in the greenhouse."
Sorry this took so long, everyone! Anywho, here is chapter 6! What's Ryuko and Kayo going to talk about?
No hint, but instead get ready for the Halloween fic. (I know that Halloween been past, also this isn't canon)
My Editor, and good friend, WishingJirachi
Kayo Suyomi belongs to KaiSudou 
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Also, tell me what you think. And don't forget Dangan Ronpa Lab Au is now a group:…
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It's really good
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