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1. Making an oc (original oc named Fullmoon Rose, through blender to sfm, [actually will get someone to make her, it's been hard trying to figure out what to do next] and also the beta design you see above. [I will though, attempt to make the beta, at least])
2. Show Dangan Ronpa oc, and plan on doing a story with her, like a scenario with her being with the DR1 kids in the killing game.
3. Continue doing Dangan Ronpa Boys blog on Tumblr. (if you haven't check it out yet, here's the link:
4. Dangan Ronpa fairies (remember the one I did with Mondo, I wanted to try and continued that and make that into a series.)
5. Continue with Despair Fever (currently is working on chapter 9)
6. Post My Little Pony: Dangan is Ronpa (since I forgotten to post it last year, I only shown the characters, and I apologizes, so I will definitely post it this year)
7. Dangan Ronpa Shipping (DR1, SDR2, both DR1 and SDR2, DR3 future, DR3 despair, both future and despair, and DRV3 later on.)
8. Favorite Dangan Ronpa characters (so far did the mascots/etc, the next ones are DR1, SDR2, DR: AE, DR3, all together, and DRV3 later on, and then probably will have to do another all together)
9. Continue with Dangan Ronpa Lab Au (currently is on chapter 7, while also thinking of some future experiments, and working on DR Lab Au Halloween)
10. Dangan Ronpa Lab Au group: Going to plan on doing a blog on Tumblr, and to be more involved with the group, I'm sorry I been busy a lot, my apologizes)
11. Continue with Doll of Dangan Ronpa (currently somehow skip chapter 20, and went to 22, my bad, DR3 got to me, since chapter 20 is about Laya and the SDR2 kids, so I’m going to go back and finish chapter 20)
12. Continue to improve on SFM posters
13. Damia and Nightshred comic with nightshredwolverine
14. Continue to work on Mondo, Togami, Celes, and Kirigirl/Dangan Ronpa x Panty and Stocking (stop at chapter 3, trying to figure out what to do)
15. Continue to work on Dangan Ronpa MLP (the characters are almost done, but now that DRV3 is here, will wait in case some ponies are similar to the new characters)
16. Dangan Ronpa MMD: To continue practicing to make posters of it, and to try to get each of the character's models.
17. Do something with transformations (got curious about, went into it, and I love it), so I'll probably do something with Dangan Ronpa and TFs
18. Favorite Pokemon Meme (it's just from Kanto to Kalos)
19. Pokemon Type Meme (with my favorite Pokemon types)
20. MLP Facial Expressions Challenge
21. Read more manga, and continue the ones that I didn't finish yet. (also read Dangan Ronpa Kirigirl and Togami)
22. Watch more anime, and finish the ones I didn't finish yet. (also check out Tokyo Ghoul and RWBY)
23. New Years Resolution: Try to do some drawing again, possibly everyday if possible.
24. Try one of those complete style meme (if my drawing looks good enough to me to attempt this)
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  • Reading: Monster Musume
  • Watching: Cowboy Bebop
  • Playing: Pokemon Moon
  • Eating: grapes
  • Drinking: water
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January 4