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Pokemon Moon Current Team 
1. Decidueye/Gwen (level 36) 
2. Toucannon/Tiki (level 28)
3. Pikachu/Riko (level 26)
4. Mudscale/Milo (level 30)
5. Salandit/Sakura (level 25)
6. Rockruff/Rocky (level 23)

I am currently on the fourth island, and is going back to old islands to catch Pokemon that I miss, and to also train and evolve some of my Pokemon. (Haven't seen any shines yet, I hope to see some soon.)

I'm not going to spoil anything, unless you ask me if you want to know something. I got the game when it came out, so you're probably like "Fully you're not done yet?" I'm not, cause with me and Pokemon, I like to take my time on analyzing stuff, and training. It usually takes me about a year (I think, that's how long it took for Alpha Sapphire, and X) So, don't judge me on that, for caring about Pokemon more than the story sometimes.
  • Listening to: Emperor's New Clothes
  • Reading: Super Dangan Ronpa 4koma
  • Watching: The Simpsons
  • Playing: Pokemon Moon
  • Eating: cereal bars (lucky charms kind)
  • Drinking: ginger ale
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Submitted on
November 29, 2016